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24,80 €

Olive Oil

Olive Oil 'Nobildrupa'

Extra-virgin Olive Oil "Ghiacciola" 100%

Variety: 100% “Ghiacciola”, an autochthonous variety of the Brisighella area.
Geographical location of olive groves: hillsides surrounding Brisighella, with just a few plants dotted around the older olive groves.
Harvest: from 15th November to 15th December. This is a late-harvesting variety. Milling takes place immediately after harvesting; the latter is done manually with the aid of tools. The nature of the terrain does not allow for use of any mechanised machinery. Delivery/transport is only permitted in special crates and boxes which keep the fruit aired.
Extraction: the extraction system employs the Sinolea-Rapanelli trickle method. Average yield does not exceed 14%.
Organoleptic chemical characteristics: this is another C.A.B.-selected product originating from a virtually unheard-of autochthonous variety, the Ghiacciola. Gives rise to an exclusive product with marked, easily recognisable characteristics: an intense aroma with hints of pennyroyal and tomato leaves and, depending on the vintage, an intense flavour with marked aspects of spiciness and bitterness.
Analytical data of oil: from a chemical composition viewpoint this oil has acidity and a number of peroxides that are well within legal limits (as shown on the label).
Serving hints: in the kitchen, it marries perfectly with artichokes. Unlike the Brisighello oils, it does not, itself, carry the taste or perfume of artichokes.
Also ideal with certain Mediterranean dishes such as guilthead bream with citrus fruit. Also splendid with genuine laziale dishes, pecorino cheese and broad beans.

Prezzo: 24,80 €