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Wine Ambra ®

Wine Ambra ®

Albana di Romagna DOCG

Production zone: Commune of Brisighella.
Grape variety: Albana di Romagna from specially selected vineyards.
Harvest: manual, in crates containing about 2kg of grapes used for drying (appassimento).
Drying: in aired rooms, without any forced conditions, until a sugar content of 28/30 Brix is reached.
Pressing and vinification: pressing of the whole grape using a soft-membrane press, cold decanting of the must, separation of deposits, fermentation in small oak bariques. The high sugar content of the product means that fermentation lasts into the spring and summer following the harvest until an alcohol content of 15% - a limit beyond which the yeast encounters difficulty in continuing fermentation - is reached.
Maturation: once fermentation is brought to a halt by alcohol content, the product is left to mature on the yeasts; this period is especially important for product development and refinement. Bottling normally takes place the second year after the harvest.
Alcohol content: 15%.
Organoleptic characteristics: straw yellow with amber reflections. Consistent, complex olfactory aspects, ethereal owing to alcohol content, with a hint of acacia flower and ripe apricot. Decisive on-palate impact, well amalgamated, richness of flavour components, clear taste and fairly persistent aftertaste.
Storage: bottled and stored in cool cellars away from sunlight.
Serving hints: desserts, spicy cheeses.
Serving temperature: 15/17°C.

Prezzo: 9,50 €