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Way of payment

Way of payment Terra di Brisighella accepts payment by:
- Mark/countersign (overcharge €5.00)
- Bank transfer
- Pay Pall
Who decides to choice the formule of bank transfer will receive goods after payment only. Shipment of goods could be realised after client sending, by e-mail or fax, of a document that attest the payment. This document will be release by your bank.

Bank details: TERRA DI BRISIGHELLA S.C. AGRICOLA Via Strada 2 - 48013 Brisighella RA
Fil. di Brisighella c/c: CC0090000574
ABI:6270 CAB:67510
IBAN: IT 08 B062 7067 510C C0090000574 

Shipment expenses:

For shipment in Italy, for a little order of € 30.00 shipment expensed are the following:

€20.00 till an order of € 180.00, free. Gratis for an order superior of € 180.00

For shipment in Europe:

€45 from 0 to 12 Bottles.
€60 from 12 to 24 bottles (Austria, Germany, Belgium; Denmark; Spain, Filand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Luxembourg, Holland, Portugal, Sweden)

For shipment all around the world it's necessary to decide a particular/special price.
For conspicous buydigs/puchases you can contact/ call us without commitment and we/ll value together to way to obtain further discount.

Delivery time:

To send the order the goods we rely to an express courier. The delivery occurs in 24/48 hours in Italy considering the star from our stock.
The shipment of our product occurs in 24 hours from reception of the order, from monday to thursday. The orders, received during week-end will be shipped the monday after.

Emergency management:

For eventual emergency, for example the product is not in our stock, the customer will be informed in 24 hours and will be comunicated times to wait to find it.
Customer could choice to wait for the necessary time the find product or to modify the order (by changing or eliminating the product from the order) or to cancel the order.
Total amount will be relative to final order and to the goods that will be dlivered.
If the payment has made by credit card in the same moment in which the order will be shipped.
We follow every step of each order, and we make sure it will reach destination quickly.
In the moment in which could occur delays in delivery in respect of estinated times contact us and report us the problem. Ritght of recess in exectuion of Legislative Decree May 22nd 1999 n°185 in execution of directive 97/7/CE relative to customers protectione about contract at distance.
The customer has the right to witdraw from the buying/puchase without penalties and without the need to specify the reason; in 10 working days, starting from the day in which he receives the goods.

Modality to respect/observe and use right of withdrawal:

1) the comunication of withdrawal must be sent by delivery letter, by telefax to numer 0546-81497, or by e-mail to specifying the intention to withdraw partially or totally from the purchase. Specifying what product decide to give back/return. The reason is not important. An indication/bointing on the reason of this withdrawal could permit us to improve our service and to value eventual mistakes relative to choice of products and way to transport our products.

2) the report//comunication of withdrawal must be sent in 10 days from the receivement of goods to :TERRA DI BRISIGHELLA S.C. AGRICOLA Via Strada 2, - 48013 Brisighella RA E-mail: The report could be sent before by fax to numer 0546 81497 or by e-mail It's necessary that report is confirmed by delivery letter in 48 hours.

3) in case of with drawal goods that has puchased and delivered must be returned in 10 working days from the day of receivement of the same. All this procedure must be at your own expense and the product must be completely whole in his own original package/ packing. The packages of products that will be returned must be whole, sealed in the original evelope and must be stored up in optimal conditions in order to assure absolute inalterability of hycienic, organoleptic aestetic characterics.

4) it is in our interest to return  to dissatisfied customer the amount received, relative to goods on which the right of withdrawal has been used, in 30 days from receivement of report and after the return of goods by customer. Although Terra di Brisighella S.C Agricola respects laws, ha interest in preserve relation with customers in the best way that it is possible. For thi reason we invite to send an e-mail to: our employee will contact-you by phone or by e-mail to define soon as possible to way to substitute the contested/challenged product or for an immediate refund.
If there's no possibility to find a satisfying and reciprocal agree the customer can avail of his right of withdrawal according to relative law.