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Olive Oil PIEVE THO ml 750

Olive Oil PIEVE THO ml 750

Extra Virgin Olive Oil  “Nostrana di Brisighella" 80%

Geographical location of olive groves: hillsides around Brisighella and surrounding Communes.
Type of terrain: medium soil mix, tending to sandy.
Harvest: Harvesting takes places just as the olives begin to darken. This is done manually with the aid of small manual tools. The olives fall onto nets. The nature of the terrain does not allow for use of any mechanised machinery.
Extraction: the extraction system employs modern technology. A rotor turns at a variable speed, electronically controlled as a function of the viscosity of the oil paste.
The entire process takes place at low temperature.
Organoleptic chemical characteristics: this is the base-line for our entire production range. Consequently, the excellent characteristics found in our more selected products are found here too. Chemical characteristics are excellent, mainly as a result of the integrity of the drupes and processing, which takes place within a few days of harvesting.
Analytical data of oil: from a chemical composition viewpoint there is high oleic acid content; acidity and number of peroxides are well within legal limits, thus indicating excellent quality and an extremely long shelf life.
This product is characterised by an intense “green” fruitiness, with aromas of fresh grass and vegetables, especially intense when the oil is still young. Full, clean taste with a slightly sweet flavour, the younger oils have the spiciness typical of products from higher latitudes.
Serving hints: highly recommended with all vegetables, but gives of its best on cauliflower, legumes and boiled cereals. Especially tasty with bean and chickpea soups.

Prezzo: 17,30 €